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Funky Olive Pizza Kitchen


About Us

When we created the concept of the Funky Olive, we knew we would be providing the special needs community access to an empowering experience. 

Our long-term goal is to be able to open a storefront where we provide employment opportunities to autistic professionals, giving them the sense of purpose they deserve. While we are primarily focused on autistic individuals, we work with all people to provide an inclusive experience. We currently provide pizza-making classes to both children and adults to further their pizza making skills, not to mention, making pizza is fun! People of all abilities deserve this fun, enriching opportunity. 

Fresh Pizzas

Nice to meet you!

Meet the founders of Funky Olive! Briana and Michelle

Briana's "why"

Her son being autistic allows her to see in a different light the desperate need for something like this in the community. The last seven years have taught her a lot about autism, studying how to effectively communicate, teach, and understand. Being an entrepreneur for 15 years has taught her a lot about running a business to the highest standards. 

Michelle's "why"

She has worked in the food industry since 2009, more than eight of those years specifically making pizza! Having an adult brother with autism helps her understand some of the challenges some adult autistics may have in a different way than most people. Her dad having aphasia also has taught her that you don't always need words to communicate. 

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